5 signs your business needs IT support

By Luke Watts // 14th March 2017

You’re a business owner and have been doing fantastically over the recent years without any need for someone to watch over your IT. Like everything recently, your business depends on IT; emails, databases, documents – even niche software just for your business. When is it time to bring in a professional IT support company? Below are a few signs that might show it’s that time already.

1. If your productivity is down due to IT issues you’ve been trying to fix yourself.

You work for your clients on a hourly rate, the hours you’re billing your client has dropped recently – you’ve been to busy trying to get a brand new printer shared out across the whole company? Maybe you’ve spent the last few days on the phone to BT about the Internet Connection that drops out every hour.

It’s probably time to get someone in who knows exactly what their doing. Of course you’ll have to pay them, but it’s probably a fair amount cheaper than the amount of work you’re missing out on whilst taking the IT on yourself.

2. If your IT system is down and your ‘go to’ guy is on holiday.

Your brothers, best mates, ex-wife’s son is off on holiday and your whole IT system is down. What you gonna do? Probably call a local IT company who’s going to charge you a ridiculous hourly rate to fix your issue and then probably not even fix it.

If you had that current ongoing IT support contract in place with a lovely friendly company – you’d just give them a call. It saves to have someone on hand when you need them the most.

3. You missed a project hand over because software you need hasn’t been working.

That large project for a well known company is set to be handed over later on today. You haven’t finished it, you can’t tell that company every time you open AutoCAD your whole computer freezes up can you? Of course you can’t. If you had again, a lovely friendly company on hand to call when softwares like AutoCAD freeze up – you wouldn’t have missed the deadline.

Of course, most IT companies do regular preventative maintenance and real time monitoring so they’d have probably spotted the issue before it had begun to affect you.

4. You’ve lost data, you can’t get back.

We’ve mentioned this a few times, but it’s really important. Your data and keeping it safe. Natural disaster, fire, accidental deletion – you name it, it’s happened to some unfortunate people out there.

Having a fantastic backup system that’s monitored and maintained by a proactive company will ensure that when one of the above incidents happens – you’ve got full faith in knowing your data will be recovered sharpish.

5. You’re still running a 15 year old Operating System, that’s unsupported.

Yep, we’re talking about Windows XP. It’s a fantastic Operating System that many of us know and love. It’s very old (released in 2001!) so it’s far from useful in our current year plus running it is a huge security risk to you and your business.

With your Dedicated Account Manager delivering your regular IT audits they would let you know of crucial upgrades that need to be undertaken. Then we’d tackle them head on and make the upgrade simple and stress-free. You won’t get that without having a cracking IT support company at your side.

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