What’s your businesses Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan?

By Luke Watts // 1st March 2017

With Amazon’s AWS platform rather large outage this week, maybe it’s time to take a look at your current Disaster Recovery plan. Your company might even be playing with fire by not having one (believe it or not we see this fairly regularly!). Days like this really prove how crucial backup plans are to your businesses survival. It’s well worth investing in a solution for your business, no matter how big or small it is.

The few points below are common questions over Backup solutions, I hope to have answered them well enough for you.

Onsite backup vs Offsite backup

Onsite backups are brilliant, your backups are sat right next to you and your server. If you delete a file that you shouldn’t have, you can restore it almost instantly. You haven’t got to drive home to collect your USB hard drive, it’s right in front of you ready to be restored from.

That solution falls short if that same place where you, your server and your backup sits vanishes. We’re talking fires, burglaries, floods etc here of course, but these things unfortunately do happen. Now at this point, this is where your offsite backup is critical. Offsite Backup comes in many shapes and sizes, here’s a few: USB drive at a different location, Cloud storage,  Network Attached Storage device in a different building. There can be a slight delay in obtaining your backup copies, but the great point here is that they actually still exist.

Best practise – have an onsite and offsite backup solution.

Does your Backup system actually work?

Having a Backup solution installed at some point is a great idea, but it actually working when you need it the most is a different ball game. Data mounts up over time as your business get’s busier and busier, backup destinations fail or disappear, software deactivates itself. A good backup solution is a solution that is constantly monitored and managed, but most importantly tested regularly. Does your backup image mount? Can you do a successful test restore? Is it suitable if you have hardware failure? These are the questions you need to be asking yourself and if some of those answers are no, you should probably get in touch with us.

Tip: Test your backup solution regular and often!

Aren’t backup solutions expensive?

They can be, but don’t have to be. We like to tailor our backup solutions to the clients individual requirements – where’s the need in a 64 Terabyte capacity backup solution if you only have 1GB of data year on year? Probably none. Storage space can be expensive so choosing the right solution is imperative. As touched on above, companies do grow and the amount of data you have does stack up pretty quickly but that doesn’t mean you need to go overboard.

Having the ability to expand your storage space relatively easy is a great option too, just keep adding more storage space as you grow – works out very cost effective.

Remember, if you already have a Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution, we’ll monitor and manage it on your behalf with our Managed Desktop and Managed Server support contracts – what’s better than knowing your solution works when you need it the most?

Speak to us today about your Disaster Recovery plans – they’re very affordable 🙂

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