Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

You need business insurance to cover your office equipment and other valuables. Some businesses can forget that their data and information are hugely valuable, and if lost forever, can seriously damage their business. Disaster recovery is highly important for each and every business out there.

We understand the importance of having a solid backup and disaster recovery plan. As a result we have industry-leading solutions to ensure that if anything goes wrong with your IT, we can have you back up and running with minimum disruption. If you face a disaster, know that RoundWorks IT have the means to save the day.

Many business owners often consider a disaster recovery solution from an IT service when it’s too late. Seeing the phrase ‘disaster recovery’ also may deter smaller business owners from considering a recovery solution, suggesting that the only disaster recovery solutions we undertake are for bigger firms and infrastructures. This is not true, and if you are small business owner who has made it this far, we implore you to continue reading.

As a company of IT support specialists in Nottingham, we understand that as a small business owner you may not consider backup and disaster recovery solutions at the forefront of your business needs. This is completely understandable, as recovery solutions are usually pursued when it’s already too late. Even small businesses need to protect their data, their network security, and the information stored in their business software (whether that’s on one computer one hundred). Simply put, you don’t want to leave a disaster recovery solution until after the disaster has occurred.

We offer affordable, managed backup recovery solutions to businesses of all sizes. 

Disaster recovery is an IT service we recommend for all business. Not only will this ensure your data is secure, saved and stable, but it will also mean that if the unexpected does occur, our team at RoundWorks are able to tackle the issue head-on. Take a look at the points we cover below, to learn more about how our recovery solutions can fit around the IT operations of your business.

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Popular methods & important information

  • Hourly incremental backups to USB or NAS device
  • Offsite replication of backup images either to an offsite NAS device or cloud storage
  • AES 256-bit (if highly sensitive) encryption of backup images
  • Regular backup & disaster recovery solution testing (included in your bi-annual IT audits!)
  • Cloud backup solutions – generally used in conjunction with an onsite backup and disaster recovery solution, but can be used independently.

How do we do this?

We’d like to say that it’s just a pinch of magic and a wiggle of our noses, but it’s a bit more complicated than that.

In essence, we make use of the latest imaging replication technology to take secure, encrypted snapshots of your critical devices. This is stored securely on external storage or in the cloud. If the worst happens, we can use these encrypted snapshots to get your devices up and running sharpish.

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In the meantime, we’ll fix the problem and transfer everything back to how it was originally before the disaster happened. This approach means that your business can be offline for only a few hours, rather than days.

It also allows you as business owner to rely on the IT professionals to handle the issue, leaving you free to get on with growing your business. It may seem like we are being typical IT professionals when we say this, but please, don’t leave setting up a recovery solution until it is too late.

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