Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Digital data is just a valuable asset and one that many businesses may not realise the trust cost until its gone. Data loss commonly occurs through human error, system failures and even ransomware attacks.

Backup Solutions to protect your business

Data scientists working on servers

If your company handles any kind of data, having a backup plan in place will help to ensure your business doesn’t become a victim of data loss or corruption – which in many cases can be detrimental for some businesses.

At RoundWorks IT, we cannot stress enough about the importance of backing up data to avoid such a catastrophe. Ransomware attacks and the like are increasingly growing, costing UK businesses £92 million and £6 billion globally.

Protect company & client data

Aside from the financial costs that many business have sleepless nights over, there’s GDPR. Any business that handles personal information could be breaching GDPR laws, should a data failure take place and personal data is exposed.

Having an expert team on your side who can help you restore files and data is essential. We’ve helped many businesses get back up and running who at first may not have realized the consequences of leaving data unprotected.

No longer restricted to the realms of large corporates, backup and disaster recovery services are quickly deployed and managed with the restoration of critical services achieved off-site typically within an hour.

We’ll work with you to compile a backup and disaster recovery plan and advise affordable solutions appropriate to your business.

Let us help you get back up and running

If you’ve arrived here, we suspect you’re looking for disaster recovery solutions due to catastrophic failure. Perhaps you’ve decided to implement a backup and disaster recovery solution to safeguard business continuity? Good decision. Hopefully, it’s the latter!

Typically, backup and recovery solutions are under-valued until it’s too late.

If you fall into the unfortunate category of requiring data recovery, with no existing plan or services in place, we may be able to help.

No matter where your business is situated, our Backup and Disaster Recovery services can come to you. Feel free to contact us on 0333 344 4645 or fill in the below form.

Common Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

All solutions harness the latest technology available to capture snapshots of critical IT devices to encrypted, secure storage platforms hosted on or off-site or to the cloud.

  • Hourly incremental backups to USB or NAS devices
  • Offsite replication of backup images to an offsite NAS device or cloud storage
  • AES 256-bit encryption of backup images for highly sensitive information
  • Regular testing for backup and disaster recovery solutions
  • Cloud backup, in conjunction with on-site backup and disaster recovery solution; can be used independently

When Disaster Strikes!

We’ll remotely locate and correct the cause of failure before restoring IT operations. Should hardware be responsible, our team can attempt to remotely to correct it. However, an on-site visit may be required.

Either way, we hope to restore critical IT systems in the shortest time possible.

Whether you are based in Nottingham, East Midlands or beyond, we can provide an effective, remote disaster recovery service for businesses of all sizes, across Mansfield, Chesterfield, Derby, Sheffield, Lincoln and Rotherham.

How do our backup solutions work?

data backup solutions

To better preserve data, backing up documents, files and other media to a secondary location other than the one you use on a daily basis will give your business a fighting chance at recovering data quickly, with the hope of reducing the risk of exposing personal data or it becoming corrupted.

Data backup is however, only one side of the story. As part of our backup solutions, we also go through the motions for disaster recovery, which allows us to keep your IT infrastructures running from a failover location whilst we work to restore services to their primary location.

How often should you backup your data?

Backing up your data should be done as regularly as possible but this depends on many factors. Storage requirements have a huge play on how long backups can be retained for. We aim to run backup jobs on an hourly incremental basis as a minimum, some customers require near instant recovery for critical data where jobs run each and every 15 minutes.

As part of the backup and disaster recovery plan that our Managed IT Support includes, we can help you set up backup routines to ensure data is safe and secure for longer. If backing up your business data is a new process, that’s okay – that’s why we’re here, to give you all the information you need to better protect your business and its data.

What’s the difference between Backup & Disaster Recovery?


Backup in its simplest terms, is backing up your data by making a copy of that data. Once this data has been backed up, if you lose the original data, you have a backup version already stored away, ready to restore.

Backing up your data is vital for a number of situations, whether it be theft, human error or technical issue. If an employee accidentally deletes some data, that’s okay – you’ve got it backed up!

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery refers to the process of recovering and accessing certain applications and resources in order to switch you over to ‘redundant’ services, which lets us work on your services to get them up and running again.

As a data disaster can leave servers in a crashed state, this ultimately makes it impossible for staff to continue their work. If you have a disaster recovery strategy in place, we’re able to put you on a separate ‘mirrored’ system, allowing your business to continue running.

To learn more about Disaster Recovery Plans (DRPs) read our Ultimate Guide to DRP.

Cloud Backups

We all recall losing valuable work and time through power cuts, viruses and damaged storage devices. The truth is unless you deployed Microsoft 365 or G Suite recently, you’ll be dependent on a central storage facility with Microsoft Windows and Office installed per device.

How safe is your data in the event of a virus attack or theft; fire or water damage? With cloud-based backup solutions, data is stored securely offsite in real-time. All administration is handled by ourselves.

Continuous Recovery

Quick and straightforward access to a multitude of restoration options.

Data Archiving

Safe and permanent storage of backups with immediate availability.

File Versioning

Full control of file management to ensure most up to date backups are readily available in the event of a disaster.

Security-Focused Storage

All data is stored securely in ISO certified and SSAE compliant data centres.

Faster Backups and Restores

True Delta Technology offers speedy backups and restorations reducing expensive bandwidth fees.

Email Archiving

Save storage space with secure and perpetual archiving technology. Powerful encryption offers rapid search and retrieval from any device.

Virtual Disaster Recovery

Should existing hardware fail, we can restore to a virtual machine to keep you up and running.

Low-Cost Storage

Our pricing ensures you pay only for the required amount of storage (per gigabyte).

No Maintenance Required

All backup and restoration services managed by ourselves to ensure smooth day to day operations.

Why RoundWorks IT for Back Up and Disaster Recovery Solutions?

Our no-fuss, friendly approach ensures we get your IT sorted.


Our Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions are a single fixed cost for one-off consultancy or ongoing support with no overspend or nasty surprises


Disaster recovery for your software and hardware in a simple and scalable solution


Our technicians are focused IT professionals dedicated to business continuity for your business, you’re IT sorted


Client support available Monday to Friday, 7am to 7pm with 15 minute response time


Ensure 24/7 data protection and recovery with backup systems for business continuity. Don’t wait for nasties to occur!


Free assessment of existing IT policies and procedures to identify potential risks and vulnerabilities

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