Why outsource your Managed IT Support?

Here at RoundWorks, we provide Managed IT Support services to lots of happy customers in Nottingham, the East Midlands and almost every part of England. We know our clients have made a great decision to outsource their IT support to us. But is this the right move for YOUR business? Of course, there are ‘fors’ […]

Physical or Virtual Server – What’s Best For Your Business?

These days, lots of businesses are opting for virtual servers that sit in the cloud, rather than physical servers that sit in the corner. But virtual servers aren’t for everyone and there are certainly cases where a physical set-up is the better choice. In this article, we’ll look at some of the questions to ask […]

In case you’d forgotten – RoundWorks IT is different!

RoundWorks IT has been around for 7 months now (happy birthday to us!) and the time has flown by so quickly. As with all young businesses, we started out small, but our customer base has been growing steadily. And things are really starting to get crazy busy now…which is just how we like it! We […]

No news REALLY is good news when it comes to your IT Systems

The old saying goes ‘no news is good news’ seems at odds with our digital world. We’re so plugged into everything that even if we don’t get a text from someone, we get worried. The same applies to services, especially ones that manage the vital aspects of your business, like your IT. For all the […]

The cloud… What is it?

By 2020, 70% or more of Small Businesses in the UK will run the majority of their IT operations from cloud-based solutions. This article has been written to try and shed a bit more light in an easy to read format of cloud service, how and why they could benefit your business. The cloud, everyone […]


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