The real reasons VoIP is necessary for our business

VoIP has been around for a fair few years now but gained popularity in 2004. VoIP simply is voice over the Internet vs voice over telephone lines. Less cabling and hardware, cheaper call rates, better quality calls and a host of other features. The reason us at RoundWorks IT love VoIP is the price and […]

How a managed IT service provider could help your business

How IT service providers can help your business Running your own business takes a lot of planning, but there comes a point where managing your own IT starts to strain your productivity. There is only so many issues you can fix by Googling something. IT in business is essential. Just one day offline and you […]

What’s your businesses Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan?

So, what’s your Business Backup plan in the event of a disaster? With Amazon’s AWS platform rather large outage this week, maybe it’s time to take a look at your current Disaster Recovery plan. Your company might even be playing with fire by not having one (believe it or not we see this fairly regularly!). Days […]


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