Cloud Backup Solutions

Onsite backup solutions are fantastic, but there’s always that small chance your onsite backup copies could be destroyed or become corrupt (ransomware, fire, flood etc). This is why we always recommend an offsite backup solution to work alongside your existing onsite backup solution. Your cloud backup solution is completely managed by us, so you don’t have to worry.

Continuous Recovery

Server and system recovery is quick and easy with our fully managed cloud backup solution where there’s tons of restore possibilities available to choose from.

Data Archiving

Keep your offsite backup copies for as long as your business need them.

File Versioning

Control how many versions of a file you would like to retain in the event of a disaster.

Security-Focused Storage

Your cloud backup data is either housed in ISO-certified or SSAE-compliant data centres, be assured your data is very secure.

Faster Backups and Restores

Taking advantage of True Delta Technology meaning less time required for backups to complete, less disk space required, bandwidth saving and more frequent backups.

Virtual Disaster Recovery

If recovering to your original device is not possible, we can easily recover your data to a virtual machine providing you access to crucial business data*

*Suitable hardware may be required from the client

Offsite or Cloud Backup Solutions are important, those freak accidents do happen and people do lose their onsite backup copies. People are wary about where their data is kept and so are we, that’s why we’ve made sure our clients critical data is stored in highly secure locations.

Cloud and offsite backup solutions have dramatically reduced in cost over the years as more people flock to cloud based storage solutions. Our prices are per GB, and we’ll let you on a little secret.. it’s very affordable!

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Don’t have an offsite copy of your data?