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As more offices and businesses move their work online, it’s important that you have cloud services that are secure, easy to use, and reliable. From streamlining your work processes to reducing strain on your servers, there are many reasons why you should move your IT to the cloud.

You may have heard the term ‘cloud computing’ for years, but not made the switch. Maybe you aware of what managed cloud services entail, but don’t think your business needs to make the move to the cloud? At RoundWorks, we assist businesses of all sizes in migrating to dedicated cloud platforms, from small local businesses to large companies who are overhauling their systems. Read on to find out what our cloud support services entail, and how a switch to the cloud can provide your business with endless possibilities for growth (with complete data security as standard).

Greater control and flexibility for the modern business

RoundWorks IT can provide smart, slick cloud services to support your business in any capacity, from hosting your emails on the cloud to hosted desktop solutions. Taking your services over to the cloud is flexible for you and your business needs, and is a beautiful solution to overcomplicated business processes. Our cloud services are bespoke and can be scaled as you need.

So what exactly are the benefits of switching to a dedicated cloud platform? First and foremost, the scalability options are endless. Whether you take on new members of the team and desperately need a new data storage solution, or if you require a network which can handle a greater amount of data at a faster pace, then cloud hosting can provide the solution. Scalability in the cloud is simple, affordable, and practical for all businesses. Our managed cloud computing services include:

  • Cloud Email & Email Systems Migrations: We take your email provider to the cloud, backing up your data and ensuring the transition is as smooth as possible
  • Hosted Servers in the Cloud: A cloud server means unlimited growth. Whether that’s for your small business expansion, or to simply free-up space around the office, a move to cloud hosted servers will take the weight of physical servers and growth limitations off your mind.
  • Desktop & Web Hosting Cloud Solutions: Cloud growth does not stop at email and server solutions. A complete cloud solution involves desktop and web hosting migration, and with our friendly team at RoundWorks, you can get the entire process managed for you and your business.
  • Offsite Cloud Backup Solutions: Adopting a contingency plan should your business data be breached is a primary consideration for any data security, and this extends to data in the cloud too. With an offsite backup solution, any data will be secured away from any physical storage devices, to ensure that the backup data stays out of reach of malicious viruses and intrusion software.

From hosting your website and delivering a rapid, optimised site across networks, to handling data management and storage without the need for large, expensive physical data storage units, cloud solutions are capable of catapulting businesses into the 21st century. And, with RoundWorks IT, your business can rest assured that the cloud services you require are set up for you by our team of experts.

If you’ve been wondering about what the cloud actually means for businesses, have been searching for the best IT cloud solutions and haven’t found the one for your business, or even if you just fancy a chat about how the cloud can support (and grow) your business with scalability at the forefront, then don’t hesitate to drop our friendly team a message today. We will be more than happy to answer your questions, and arrange a dedicated IT services package for your business needs. Don’t leave your business behind; making the switch to the cloud is the right step forward for IT businesses development.

Save money and save the environment

Cloud services can reduce your physical hardware and energy costs, which is a big plus. By taking more hardware out of your office, you can reduce your carbon footprint on the environment. Less hardware also means a less cluttered office and saving costs on replacing broken or outdated equipment. Taking your services to the cloud is a big win-win for you and your business.

From small businesses in Nottingham to larger companies with multiple locations, our managed cloud services will make the switch as smooth as possible for your business.

Moving your business services to the cloud can be a daunting, nervous process – don’t let it be. Give us a call on 0333 344 4645 and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

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