Everything can be cloud based! Whether you’re looking for secure document storage or web hosting, the cloud has your back, and so do we! We can manage and support your business’ cloud systems, making sure they’re in tip-top shape, so you can rest assured that they’re going to always be fast, reliable and secure.

Cloud Infrastructure

If you’re looking to scale your business or need more flexibility, moving to a Cloud Server is a great way to future-proof your business.

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Cloud Solutions

We can support you in all things cloud, whether it be making sure your data is properly backed-up to a cloud service or getting your business set up with Office 365, we’ve got you covered.

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Web Hosting

We provide a range of web hosting options to meet your exact requirements.

What makes us different? All hosting tiers offer identical levels of security, speed and reliability, so why compromise.

Our hosting partner provides truly unlimited scaling potential for Linux, Windows and WordPress platforms, automatically applying the latest security and features to keep you protected.

Did we mention, speed?

Thanks to 100% SSD hosting and load balancing as standard, our platform is ridiculously fast no matter the demands placed upon it.

A recent comparison of typical WordPress pages, hosted on the platform revealed average load times of an eye-watering fast 25 milliseconds. The slowest clocked in just short of 12 seconds. Yes – seconds!

Oh, did we mention, DDoS protection, as standard? – it just gets better!

Microsoft Azure

Are you looking to migrate or start with Microsoft’s scalable, trusted and reliable cloud platform? We can help.

You’ve probably noticed, we’re big Microsoft fans. In terms of the competition, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is positioned against Azure, but in all honesty for the breadth of features, scalability and value for money, nothing touches Microsoft Azure.

One of the significant benefits (among many) is robust scalability, offering greater longevity for storage and processing power to scale up or down as the business dictates.

Secondly, Azure’s infrastructure, Microsoft Cloud Platform, supports near-instant deployment of critical improvements and enhancements with no interruptions to service.

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Which cloud model should you use?

Public Cloud

A public cloud is offered by a 3rd party service such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS). In a public cloud, the provider will make resources such as storage, virtual machines, and applications available to the user over the internet. This can be beneficial as you won’t have to set-up and maintain your own on-premise servers.

Public clouds allow you to scale up or down quickly as you only pay for the resources that you need on a subscription basis. This means that a public cloud service is great for businesses whose workload can change frequently and rapidly.

Private Cloud

A private cloud can have both on and off-premise servers, but the servers are set-up and maintained by the organisation that owns them. This is because, although the resources of the cloud are only accessible by the people within the organisation, if the organisation has multiple sites then they may elect to have the servers that make up their cloud system spread across their sites.

A private cloud is only accessible to people within the organisation that owns the cloud service. In order to ensure that this is the case the company will usually have their own method of accessing it, this is usually done through the use of their own portal that users can log onto to access the cloud’s resources.

Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud does exactly what it says on the tin, it merges aspects of both private and public clouds together depending where each aspect of the different models would benefit the business the most. This allows the organisation to ensure that their cloud services are as efficient as possible.

Hybrid cloud solutions are popular among many businesses because they allow the appropriate workload to be established in the right cloud environment as the resources required change. This cloud model offers great flexibility and cost savings while also allowing you remain in control of the business’ critical data.

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RoundWorks are amazing and super efficient!

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