Dedicated Account Manager

In an increasingly automated and busy world, you might feel that you’re not always talking to someone who knows you and your business. But with RoundWorks IT, you’ll be assigned a Dedicated Account Manager who will be your go to person if there’s anything you need to discuss in relation to your account.

Our super-fast response times mean that you’re never waiting long to speak to your Dedicated Account Manager. We’re always here during the working day and beyond – we work from 7am to 7pm! Don’t think of your Account Manager as someone in a remote office, think of them as one of the team! We’re hot on communication and we love to make sure everything’s running smoothly and that you’re happy with the service we provide.

So, what would your Dedicated Account Manager actually do?

Handle your IT Audits

Your Dedicated Account Manager will contact you when your IT audit is due, they’ll discuss each part of the detailed audit and work with you to make sure you’re getting the most from your IT. Any questions about it, you know who to ask!

Handle any complaints

Of course, there won’t be any of these but if you do ever feel the need to complain your Dedicated Account Manager is your go-to person. They will follow your complaint from the initial word right through to the resolution.

Discuss your upcoming IT Project

If you have an idea and want to put that idea into practise, you’ll be wanting to have a chat with your Dedicated Account Manager. They’ll sit down with you, discuss what you want and come up with a fantastic plan of how it will be delivered and executed – perfect!

Hardware purchases

Whether it be a new starter, a replacement PC or a brand new monitor for yourself your account manager is someone who you’re probably going to want to talk to. Plus, they’ll make sure you get your goods at a highly competitive price.

Our approach to IT support and services starts with your business in mind. From cloud services and ensuring all of your business data is secured, to establishing a dedicated email hosting platform and software migrations, a member of our team will be provided to you and will be your personal point of contact at every step of the way. This means that not only will a member be on-hand to answer any questions you may have, but your business will also have ongoing support from a friendly member of our team.

Whatever you need, your Dedicated Account Manager is just a phone call away. They’ll even visit your premises for regular IT audits and checks to ensure that everything is as it should be. If they notice anything that could be improved, your Dedicated Account Manager will be sure to let you know.

Why not get in touch with one of our team members on 0333 344 4645 to find out more?

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