Google Docs phishing scam currently circulating – be vigilant

Luke Watts May 4, 2017 Frontpage
Google Docs phishing scam currently circulating - be vigilant An Article by RoundWorks IT.

Currently there’s a Google Docs phishing scam storming across the Internet, using a dummy app and abusing the OAuth protocol (a secure protocol that connects popular platforms, Google, Facebook with 3rd party apps ). The OAuth protocol doesn’t use passwords, it uses special access tokens – this means people don’t even need to get your password to be able to access your data!

The best way to protect yourselves and your business from this phishing scam is to not open any Google Doc invites from people you don’t know or aren’t expecting one from, it’s that simple. On a side note be very cautious as to what apps you allow access to your Google, Facebook etc – some can be dangerous.

This is currently being investigated by Google, we currently don’t know what the affects of this phishing attack is yet.

Google have since released a statement saying it’s all fixed, which of course is great news. However, if you are still worried about your Google account we recommend checking out Google’s security tool here.

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