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Before we give the low-down on the G Suite management and integration services we offer, it might be handy to briefly cover what G Suite is, and how it can fit into your business operations.

G Suite is Google’s answer to an all-in-one business package, including Gmail, Docs, Drive, and integrated business calendars. If your business is already using a few of these tools, or if your current business software is a bit outdated and in need of an overhaul, then G Suite might just be the right choice.

Not only is G Suite a safe form of data storage, but the suite integrates seamlessly across all of your devices, and your associates devices too. Utilising such tools as hangouts and calendars, your business can schedule and plan conference calls from all devices, bringing integrations for employees on the move which were never previously possible.

So, why would you choose G Suite for your business? Here’s a snippet of the tools and solutions you get with an integrated G Suite platform:

Take Gmail to work
Google’s ultra-reliable servers guarantee 99.9% uptime on your business email. Industry-leading spam filters keep junk out of your inbox.

Store and share files
Keep all your work in one secure place with cloud storage. Access and share with teammates whenever you need it, from your computer, phone or tablet.

Work from anywhere
Collaborate on documents, spreadsheets and presentations across devices. Real-time co-editing helps you get to the final version faster.

Business-grade security
Keep all your company data safe and protected even in the event of lost or stolen devices and employee turnover.

Work with popular file types
Easily open and edit common file formats such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. You can also export and share files with people who don’t use G Suite.

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Simplify the way you work, with G Suite.

Get business email, video conferencing, cloud storage and file sharing. It’s all the tools that your team needs to collaborate and get more done – all in one place.

Let’s help you on your G Suite journey