Secure your business with RoundWorks IT

Secure your business with RoundWorks IT

RoundWorks IT are specialists in Cyber Security and Managed IT Support, providing you with a full, comprehensive IT services as an extension of your business. No matter the size of your business, you could be subject to cyber security breaches.

The reality is, four in ten businesses reported having cyber attacks in the last 12 months. Don’t be one of them. Check out our Cyber Security Guide for more information. We can also support you in completing a Cyber Essentials Certification, ensuring your businesses IT is protected from the plethora of cyber threats and attacks.

Why your business needs Cyber Security

When it comes to IT security, the main question to ask yourself is would you leave your front door open?

We hope the answer is no and this approach should be taken with your IT too. In the modern world, your business, more than likely, relies on IT to operate day to day.

How would your business survive if your IT systems were offline or inaccessible for a few hours or days? Maybe a few weeks? The consequences in most circumstances would be devastating.

Our role is to prevent cyber attacks and minimize risks, cyber and IT security is the epitome of ‘Prevention is better than the cure’.

As your business and technology evolves so should your approach to cyber and IT security. As part of our service, we identify risks and vulnerabilities and offer recommendations on how to minimise or eliminate potential risks.

Did you know?

More than 9 in 10 businesses have some form of digital exposure, and with 4 in 10 businesses reporting experience with cyber attacks in the last 12 months, the need to protect your IT has never been more significant.

To make matters worse, a UK small businesses is successfully hacked every 19 seconds with data breaches costing the UK economy an average of £27 billion per year!

With our Managed IT Services (IT Support and Cyber Security!) we take care of all your IT Security needs, from updating operating systems and software to installing protective measures, we’ve got it covered.

We can even guide you through the Cyber Essentials certification to further ensure that you, your customers, and your data are protected from the cyber baddies.

Cyber Essentials

We will also support you in your completion of a Cyber Essentials Certification. Cyber Essentials is a government-based scheme to protect your organisation, regardless of size against frequent cyber attacks.

Our team of professionals are able to provide you with guidance and support throughout the entire certification process to ensure that you meet and exceed all the requirements for your business!

Get Certified

Secure your Business

Having adequate cyber security can protect your business from a variety of threats. Here are just some of the solutions we offer as part of our cyber security services.


Not all Antivirus applications are the same. Without industry knowledge and experience, how do you identify the right solution for your business?

Our Webroot Antivirus solution offers full remote access to ensure important updates are applied automatically.

Network Security Appliances

A monitoring device physically installed between the internet and company network to filter viruses, malware and other ‘nasties’ capable of disrupting business operations.

Email Filtering (Anti Spam)

Stay ahead of the game with full protection from malware, ransomware and phishing attacks. Receive only email relevant to your business. Stop attacks in their tracks.

Common Cyber Attacks

There are too many types of cyber threat to count. However, some are more common than others, here are some of the most common cyber attacks that you are likely to encounter.

Phishing Attacks

Phishing is a sneaky form of social engineering. When phishing, the attacker will trick their victim into providing them with sensitive information or installing some bad software such as malware.

Phishing attacks often come in the form of emails disguised as being from someone you trust. We partner with Vade Secure to provide industry leading anti-phishing cyber security solutions to our clients so that we can stop these internet tricksters dead in their tracks!

Social Engineering

In the cyber world, social engineering is a manipulation tactic used by attackers to exploit human error and get access to private information or your IT systems. The goal is often similar to phishing – access restricted systems and spread malware.

Social engineering attacks are designed around how people think and act, allowing the attacker to control the behaviour of a user. To help you combat this we provide Security Awareness Training to educate staff and users of your systems on how to avoid falling victim to this type of attack.

Man in the Middle Attacks

A Man in the Middle (MitM) Attack takes place when an attacker intercepts communications between two people or parties. They do this to try and secretly steal private data such as login information or to spy on the victim.

To ensure that you receive the best protection against MitM attacks we deploy a variety of Endpoint Security Software including; software firewalls, DNS filtering solutions, and anti-malware.


Exploits do exactly what they say on the tin – attackers exploit vulnerabilities in a network or IT system to get remote access to a network, give themselves higher level access and either manipulate or steal information.

As part of our excellent (if we don’t say so our self) Managed IT Support service we ensure that your software and operating systems are always up to date so that the threat of your IT systems being exploited is minimised!

To learn more about cyber security and how to protect your data, why not read our Guide To Cyber Security?

How can RoundWorks IT help?

Although we’re at hand as soon as you need us, we will also offer support which you can take with you to give you peace of mind and the confidence to correctly spot faults before it turns into an IT emergency.

But With So Many Solutions Available – Where Do You Begin?

Want to find out if there any weaknesses within your IT systems? We provide an in-depth IT Cyber Security audit to all of our clients so that we can identify any initial weaknesses and develop an effective plan to improve them. Through doing this we can eliminate the risk of data breaches and fines for GDPR non-compliance saving your business time and money!

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In-depth IT Audit

We complete a full IT audit to understand what your systems are missing.


We provide you with recommendations on how to protect your IT infrastructure from any future threats.

Monitor & Innovate

We continue to monitor and innovate your systems to ensure your business is up-to-date and protected.

That's not all...

Here are 6 reasons for why you should choose RoundWorks IT for all your cyber security solutions.


No long term commitments: rolling monthly contracts


A scalable managed service capable of growing with your business


A team of focused professionals dedicated to supporting your organisation


15 Minute Response Time during office hours – Monday to Friday


Meet and exceed the latest security standards for your organisation


Always up to date protection from new and evolving cyber threats

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