Here’s Why Office 365 Needs A Backup Solution

Luke Watts March 19, 2019 RoundWorks IT News
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For many of us Office 365 users, we happily get on with our everyday work without giving a second thought to backups. After all, Office 356 is already backed up, right? Like most 365 users, this is where you could fall victim to data loss and nasty, unwanted breaches.

So, lets shed a little light on this topic:

Threats Are Everywhere!

With many businesses making good use of the cloud and its unique ability to work within collaborative environments it’s easy to become complacent with data security. If up until this point, you thought that Office 365 was looking after your data in the background, you may be surprised to find out that you have been living a life on the edge when it comes to data security.

Collaborative environments offer users the ability to access files from almost anywhere at any time, which is great.

However, this also means that this cloud-based data can also be accessed by pesky threats, such as malware, ransomware and even hackers.

Without trying to scare the individual business owner, threats are just a click away and can deploy at any time both internally and externally. Not only are these threats incredibly damaging to a business, but they are also time-consuming if you haven’t followed the necessary backup and security procedures.

Human Error Catches Us All Out

Did you know that approximately 64% of data loss incidents occur due to good old human error?

Working collaboratively from any device in real time is a great feature. You no longer need to spend hours figuring out which sheet is the latest version; instead, you can simply update one file at the same time.

You may be thinking, where are the negatives?

Well, unfortunately, the ability to edit in real time also means, that any user, at any time, can accidentally delete an important file. Unlike the trusty desktop trashcan, restoring accidentally deleted items isn’t as straightforward without a backup solution. Without a backup infrastructure in place, it can be almost impossible to locate your important document within the depths of the cloud.

Don’t Get Bogged Down By Confusing Retention Policies.

For the everyday PC user, retention policies aren’t something that you have time to concern yourselves about. Similarly to many terms and conditions, users blindly tick a box and hope for the best. However, this is where many individuals overlook the data protection gaps within 365’s retention policy.

So you may be left wondering what is Office 365 responsible for?

Microsoft’s Responsibility:

  • Loss of service due to hardware or infrastructure failure
  • Loss of service due to natural disaster or data centre outage
  • Short-term (30-day) user-error with recycle bin/ version history (including new OneDrive “Files Restore”)
  • Short-term (14-day) administrative error with soft-delete for Groups, Mailboxes or services-lead rollback.

Users Responsibility:

  • Data loss due to departing employees and deactivated accounts
  • Data loss due to malicious insiders/hacktivists deleting content
  • Any Data loss due to malware/ransomware
  • Recovery from prolonged outages
  • Long-term accidental deletion coverage with selective rollback.

If you cast your eye over both columns, you will notice a clear pattern. Microsoft is responsible for service issues, and users are responsible for data loss issues.

The Gist Of It…

So the long and short of it is, unarguably Office 365 does need a backup solution.

With so many great features just at your fingertips, it would seem criminal not to enhance them in the working day. However, if you are going to take advantage of all the great features, you should do so with a backup solution in place. Here at RoundWorks IT, we pride ourselves in providing efficient and effective Office 365 backup solutions to all of our clients.

You may be fortunate never to need a backup, but it’s certainly best practice to be completely prepared for any eventuality.

Put your businesses safety first and give us a bell today. We can make sure that your data is always safe.


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