The real reasons VoIP is necessary for our business

By Luke Watts // 18th March 2017

VoIP has been around for a fair few years now but gained popularity in 2004. VoIP simply is voice over the Internet vs voice over telephone lines. Less cabling and hardware, cheaper call rates, better quality calls and a host of other features. The reason us at RoundWorks IT love VoIP is the price and the flexibility.

Where are you calling from again?

We’re a managed IT services company, we’re office based then at the flick of a hat we’re off on a 100 mile round trip to a client’s site. A few years ago, once you had left the office that was it you’d lost all communication with the office and what was going off there, you were in the dark. VoIP systems for businesses are brilliant, if you’re out the office travelling you can pick up inbound work calls without a problem – you can even make outbound calls straight from your usual office number. No ringing clients off your mobile, you can ring your clients from your office’s number – no awkward “Where are you calling from again?”

You’re out shopping at a popular British supermarket and someone calls your office, maybe it’s after you’ve closed for the day. That call goes directly to your mobile, pick it up as if you was sat right in the office – nobody will know unless you’re really close to the self-service machines moaning that help is on the way.

Cheap & Flexible

Not only are business VoIP systems flexible, they’re also cheap. Internal extensions are generally free, so if you have 300 staff it’s no more expensive than if you have just two. Most VoIP providers allow you to port your existing number over to that system so you won’t lose your memorable, well-known number that clients have rang for years. All you need usually is handsets that are VoIP compatible and broadband. You can even take your handset home with you if you really want to (but why take that bulky phone when you can have your VoIP service on your mobile?)

VoIP systems not only are flexible and cheap, they’re easy enough to make small changes yourself, names on phones, changing extensions etc. A good VoIP supplier should support you moving forward anyway and if they aren’t doing you should probably consider moving to someone like ourselves. We’ll do you a lovely VoIP system at a very good price and support you far into in the future.

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