Using Windows Server Backup? You’ll get a free upgrade with us!

Luke Watts August 22, 2017 RoundWorks IT News
Using Windows Server Backup? You'll get a free upgrade with us! An Article by RoundWorks IT.

Each company is different and we respect that, especially when it comes to Backup Solutions. Our clients are offered a managed backup service when they take out a Managed Support contract with us which is on a month-to-month basis. Most choose to backup their servers/devices via our backup solution, some don’t and rely on the free inbuilt Windows Server Backup – we’re not big fans of Windows Server Backup, it’s clunky, slow and difficult to monitor.

For those clients running Windows Server Backup we move them over to a more manageable, improved backup software called Veeam for Windows FREE. This is a huge improvement over Windows Server Backup and allows us to manage backup jobs better, get notifications on failure and tons more tech-geared features. If a client wishes to stick with Windows Server Backup, they may do so of course.

A bit more on Veeam Free here:

Veeam® Agent for Microsoft Windows provides a simple solution for backing up Windows-based servers, desktops and laptops. With Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows, you can easily back up your PC to an external hard drive, NAS (network-attached storage) share or a Veeam Backup & Replication™ repository. And, if your system crashes, hard drive fails or a file gets corrupted or accidentally deleted, you can recover what you need in minutes — like it never even happened

As with anything free, it has limitations and the two big ones are application awareness (simply put, it throttles the backup job inline with other important tasks or running processes) and the backup job scheduler is limited in functionality. This is generally why our clients opt for the paid for version as backups can be scheduled incrementally through the day (loosing 1 hours worth of data vs 24 hours)

Being a Veeam Pro Partner allows us to tailor our backup and disaster recovery solutions to each clients set needs, whether they have one physical server or have multiple physical servers with many virtual machines sat underneath, Veeam gives us that flexibility.

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