Business VoIP Solutions

A phone is essential for businesses, but it can be difficult to take calls if you’re in meetings or away from your desk. A popular solution to this is VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol. This system has several functions that promote flexibility within your business and can save you costs on phone bills.

RoundWorks IT are highly experienced in installing and managing business VoIP systems, and we love the range of applications that VOIP offers.

What makes our VoIP different?

  • Costs don’t soar as you grow – our simple, multi-user VoIP package is suitable for two users upwards and the price doesn’t change with extra users!
  • ‘Extra’ features as standard – call forwarding, recording, conferencing, IVR/auto-attendant, music on hold, hunt groups, voicemail notification by SMS/Email, free VoIP to VoIP calls & more are all included in our VoIP packages as standard.
  • Free UK Local or Non-Geographical numbers (like ours!) with every VoIP plan
  • Seriously competitive prices

 Let’s have a look how a modern VoIP phone system could help your business out.

Reduce your costs

VOIP is an alternative to traditional phone systems. But how does it reduce your costs? The main reason is requiring no equipment on-site. A VOIP phone system is cloud-based, so all call handling, routing, etc. is all done from the cloud. Average cost savings range from 50% to 75%, which is a big incentive for your business to move to VOIP.

Run your business the way you want

In the 21st century, business structures are varied and often-changing. VOIP allows you to keep ahead of these changes with its flexibility. If you have employees working from home, they can use your business number. Wherever you have the internet, you have your VOIP system on hand.

Target businesses in certain areas

If you’re looking to expand your business presence to certain areas, VOIP has the distinct advantage of creating virtual phone numbers. Customers dial a certain area code, which will forward to your office. This is perfect for pretending you’re multinational when you’re actually sat at the bottom of the garden in your own home!


Make calls from your work number wherever you are. Sat on the beach in Spain or doing the weekly shop in a well-known British supermarket? No problem. Softphones exist, which means an app on your smartphone that allows you to receive and make calls from your work number. Your customers get you when they need you – and you can do business wherever you want.

Experts in VOIP

RoundWorks IT can set up VOIP for your business. We’ll talk to you about your needs and create a bespoke plan to install, manage, and support the new system within your business.

Change the way you manage your business with VOIP – speak to one of our team today on 0333 3444 645 to see how we can help.

Modernise the way you keep in touch with VoIP.