Server Management & Virtual Desktop Services

Server Management & Virtual Desktop Services

The cloud is already an integral part of many businesses and internet practices.

Here at RoundWorks IT, we’ve got all your cloud needs covered! Need a firewall update? We can do that. Need a hand configuring virtual desktops? We can do that too! No matter your cloud need, our professional team are ready to help.

Cloud Servers

Rather than a physical server, a cloud server is virtual. They are built, hosted and delivered through cloud services such as Azure, and are accessed remotely via the internet. A cloud server usually includes a virtual machine, SSD-based storage and a static IP to you operational quickly.

Cloud Firewalls

Cloud firewalls are cloud-based network devices that control the traffic coming in and out of your network. Like traditional firewalls, a cloud firewall will prevent harmful traffic from entering your network by assessing users against a specific criteria. Cloud firewalls are usually cheaper and offer better scalability as there is no on-site installation required and if your network expands all you need to do is upgrade your security solution.

Virtual Desktops

A virtual desktop is a pre-configured version of an operating system that runs in an environment that is separate to the device that you’re accessing it from, this is usually done over an internal network or the internet.

Businesses often use virtual desktops to save money as they no longer have to spend the extra cash on ensuring that the computers being used by the employees are of a more powerful specification.

Virtual desktops also allow business machines to be more easily managed. This approach is ideal for businesses who need their employees to work within separate environments where computing resources aren’t shared.

How can your business benefit from the cloud?

Here are our top 6 ways migrating businesses processes to the cloud could benefit you!


Easily spread the investment costs, moving your capital expenses to operating expenses


Continuous updates, patches and maintenance


Easily restore data from the latest backup taken, so your business suffers less downtime


Access your data from anywhere – All you need is an internet connection and a way to connect to your business network


Save energy, google like ‘energy saving on premise vs cloud’ 


Scale on demand – A fixed cost cloud server can enable you scale without breaking the bank

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Very quick response, problem solved........... Thanks Diogo

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Matt fantastic as always sorted my problem out in next too no time. Many Thanks

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Exceptionally patient staff. very knowledgeable, extremely polite and quick to respond. Highly recommend.

Amin Govani



Thanks Matt, as always fantastic help. Best regards to you and the team.

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As usual great service from a brilliant team Especially Fred!.Autocad/Windows 365 issue dealt with brilliantly .First class service !!

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Contacted RoundWorks IT for the first time this morning. My query/issue was solved within minutes. Fab, friendly service :)

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Thankyou for your continue support, nothing is ever too small or too big. The teams always friendly, patience and knowledgeable. For a small charity having a IT team at a finger tips save the charity money and time. Highly recommend RoundWorks IT.

Diann Turpin



RoundWorks are amazing and super efficient!

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