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By Luke Watts // 5th April 2019

Here at RoundWorks IT, we’re nice. We’re that nice in fact that we offer Free IT Audits to businesses, plus our existing month to month clients get two audits per year included – free of charge.

Pretty good right? You may be thinking an IT Audit automatically means ‘we’re going to have to spend some money’ – not the case.

How does an IT Audit work?

Pretty simple and stress free to put it bluntly. We pop over to your site and perform an in-depth IT audit with absolutely no costs incurred. We perform the IT audit around you, on your watch. Once we’ve collated all the information we need (we may need a hand collating info), we then deliver your personalised audit. The idea of the audit is so that you get an understanding as to how your IT systems work, why they’re not working, where things could be improved or where money could be saved. Maybe something isn’t working and you didn’t even know.

What’s included then?

Comprehensive network, server, workstation, backup and disaster recovery audit. We can also provide a quotation on like for like services/products as we’re highly competitive. Complete peace of mind knowing your IT systems are up to scratch and in good working order.

How can an IT Audit save you money?

Who likes paying for items they don’t use? That’s right, not one person does! Businesses like to keep their outgoings low to raise their profits, right? Some companies pay out for services and products that they don’t use or won’t ever use. A few examples could be, multiple renewals for different Antivirus products, cloud storage that isn’t being used, broadband lines that are doing nothing and aren’t configured for fail over in case of an outage. Let us take a look into your IT and see where we could trim down your IT costs.

Reduce your monthly and annual costs with a Free IT Audit courtesy of RoundWorks IT – you might even save a penny or two along the way. One Nottingham based business saved £1300 from their initial IT audit.

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