Helping our customers to make it through lockdown and beyond

By Luke Watts // 31st July 2020

Making it through lockdown and beyond

Now that the UK is finally starting to ease itself out of lockdown, we decided that now would be the perfect time to look back over it and celebrate the positives. With that in mind, here are some of our achievements and what they’ve meant for our customers.

How have we supported our clients?

Since March 2020, our service desk team have resolved a total of 985 support tickets. They answered 1,351 external calls, working during our lengthy, standard opening hours of 7 AM to 7 PM. We also undertook 28 site visits during the pandemic, which were, of course, conducted per HM Government guidelines. When we surveyed our customers, they gave us a 98% “Awesome” rating (and we’re working on getting it up to 100%).

Whilst everyone was giving their all, we’d like to give special shoutouts to Rease and Dan for going above and beyond (even more so than they do on a daily basis!).

Expanding our team

Rease joined us back in 2019 as an Apprentice Service Desk Engineer and was recently promoted to a Service Desk Engineer. Rease has worked exceptionally hard to develop his technical skillset but also his personal skills, we’re exceptionally proud of Reases’ development and he’s a staple member of our service desk; keep up the good work!

Dan, joined the team back in April 2020 as our new Senior Service Desk Engineer. He joins RoundWorks IT with 7+ years of experience in various technical roles, including ones in large public UK companies. We are sure by now you’ve spoken to Dan and are just as happy with him as we are!

Staying Flexible

During the pandemic, our flexibility proved invaluable to our clients. For example, our flexible contracts allowed them to scale their use of our services to suit their needs. In some cases, that meant scaling down, but in others, it meant scaling up. In fact, we welcomed three new clients during the lockdown period.

Part of that flexibility was the need to support home working. For many of our customers, this meant rapidly upgrading ageing IT infrastructure.

Here are just some of the IT Projects we undertook during the lockdown:

  • 42 laptops supplied, configured and ready to be used by remote workers.
  • 12 customers provided with a remote control solution by RoundWorks IT, allowing staff to work remotely and connect into their office PC.
  • 4 new business fibre circuits installed aiding remote working and increasing available bandwidth
  • 4 Microsoft 365 migrations
  • 3 WatchGuard Firewalls installed, bolstering cyber security and allowing effective and secure remote working
  • 3 Leased lines commissioned, high speed, dedicated bandwidth to allow customers to take advantage of cloud solutions more efficiently plus improving remote accessibility
  • 3 x 3CX phone systems implemented, allowing total flexibility working remotely, staff can use the mobile app on their smartphones to take work phone calls and bags of other features!
  • 3 x Office Relocations completed including new broadband circuits, reconfiguration of existing IT solutions alongside new IT hardware and infrastructure.

Many of these projects involved our team working (long) after hours and on weekends so we could deliver what our clients desperately needed without causing any (more) disruption to their business. We did this free of charge to help ease the burden and to demonstrate that when we say we value our customers and want to make them happy – we really mean it!

Remote working is here to stay!

Last but definitely not least, we introduced remote working for our team and this will be a permanent change. We firmly believe that happy, motivated staff deliver the best service for our customers.

Part of this means enabling each individual to find the work/life balance which works for them. Some people prefer being in the office, some people prefer being at home, many prefer a mix of both. Our job is to make that possible!

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