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By Luke Watts // 12th October 2020

RoundWorks IT and upbeat Communities

As part of the RoundWorks IT ethos, we make it our mission to provide financial help to all charities who choose RoundWorks IT for their IT requirements. We believe this helps us give back to those who offer their spare time and effort to make other people’s lives better.

Back in 2019, Upbeat Communities decided to make the jump to RoundWorks IT as they felt they weren’t getting value for money from their existing IT Service Provider. We truly hope we’ve spun that around!

This is where, Upbeat Communities comes in. We recently received some incredibly kind words from the CEO; Andrew Jackson for a donation they recently received by us.

Who are Upbeat Communities?

Upbeat Communities provide support to newly arrived refugees and asylum seekers within the UK who need help and support throughout their journey.

Located in Derbyshire and Lincolnshire, Upbeat Communities work hard to give refugee families the guidance they need to start a new life in the UK. From English classes to community activities, Upbeat Communities support these families by providing them with the necessary steps to help them receive training for employment, suitable accommodation and help towards building a life in a new country.

We’re always inspired by the hard work and support that Upbeat Communities provides to people and because of this, we wanted to show our support so they can continue doing the work they do, especially through these trying times where many families may be struggling to receive the right type of help and support.

The charity was kind enough to put a video together to express their gratitude and we couldn’t be happier to share and shout about it!

Here are some generous words from the Chief Executive himself; Andrew Jackson.

“It’s thanks to donations like yours that we’re able to welcome asylum seekers as they arrive, empower them to thrive in their new surroundings and support them when they are granted refugee status and begin the process of integration, finding employment and a place to call home.

Last year, we provided 5,000 free English class places to over 500 refugees from 40 nations, offered 1,035 nights of accommodation for homeless refugees, hand-delivered 120 Welcome Boxes to families and individuals claiming asylum, resettled over 100 Syrian refugees, and ran hundreds of training events, days out, baby showers, community meals, coffee mornings and cultural celebrations.

Right now, our activities look different. English classes are taking place via Zoom, for example, and we are delivering groceries and face masks to those we work with on a fortnightly basis. We are especially grateful for your generosity at this difficult time.”

Andrew Jackson, Chief Executive

RoundWorks IT

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