It’s The End Of The Road For These Microsoft Products

By Luke Watts // 16th May 2019

In what feels like just a blink of the eye we are almost halfway through 2019 and ever closer to D-Day for a selection of Microsoft products. We may have heard it before, but all good things must come to an end, and that is exactly what is on the cards for Windows 7, Exchange Server 2010 and Windows Server 2008 R2!

The End of Support is Coming

January 2020 may feel like a distant thought right now, but while you’re busy with the ‘every day’ it creeps closer.

Before you know it, you’ll be hearing those festive commercials!

For many IT professionals, the 14th January 2020 has long been marked on the ‘end of life’ calendar, but for loyal users, it likely a different story. If you opted not to upgrade from your trusty software because let’s face it, it fulfilled your needs, and you knew where everything was located, then you might be less thrilled to hear that the end of support is upon us.

What Does End of Support Mean?

As the circle of life draws to a close for Microsoft products, you may be left thinking, what does end of support mean for me and my business?

During the typical lifecycle of any MS product, you will be familiar with receiving regular updates and the option for further technical support. However, as of the 14th January 2020, Microsoft will axe all updates and support for the listed products.

After 14th January 2020 Microsoft Will No Longer Provide:

  • Technical support for problems that may occur.
  • Bug fixes for issues that are discovered and that may impact the stability and usability.
  • Security fixes for vulnerabilities that are discovered making users vulnerable to security breaches.

The End May Be Nigh, But We Have The Solution!

It’s not all ‘doom and gloom’!

If you’re still using one of these popular MS products, we have a straight forward solution for you, and it also comes with some shiny new features!

Windows 7

Although the ability to use Windows 7 will still be an option after support switch-off, it’s not in the best interest for your business. With no further updates in the pipeline, you will be leaving your data vulnerable to nasty breaches.

Don’t put those hours of hard work in harm’s way. With just a little help from your reliable team here at RoundWorks IT we can help protect your data by upgrading your system to Windows 10. Not only will you be able to harness the ‘goldmine’ of the latest features but more importantly, your data will be safer from pesky hackers.

Windows Server 2008 R2

It seemed like just yesterday when we waved goodbye to support for Windows Server 2003, but now the clock is ticking for Windows Server 2008 R2. As of 14th January 2020, Microsoft will no longer be offering any support for this operating system. Although 2020 may feel a place in the distant future, updating an IT Infrastructure can be a time-consuming task, so it’s certainly best practice to be prepared for this update.

Exchange Server 2010

Just like Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, Exchange Server 2010 is also heading towards its retirement. With no further support on the horizon now is the opportune time to Migrate. However, migrating over to Office 365 is a little tricker than it may seem. If you’re looking to make the move, then ensure you have your trusted team of tech-savvy individuals at hand to help make the migration smooth and undisruptive.

Avoid A Troublesome Meltdown

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