No news REALLY is good news when it comes to your IT Systems

By Luke Watts // 22nd May 2017

The old saying goes ‘no news is good news’ seems at odds with our digital world. We’re so plugged into everything that even if we don’t get a text from someone, we get worried. The same applies to services, especially ones that manage the vital aspects of your business, like your IT. For all the money you’re paying, you’d like to see something in return, like someone on-site tinkering with your computers.

That’s good and all, but here at RoundWorks IT, we think a bit differently – we actually think that not hearing from your IT provider about every arising matter is a good thing.

Prevention is better than cure

This is another old saying, but it’s still pretty true for all things, especially IT. Stopping a problem before it becomes big is essential for keeping your business moving. But how do you stop problems in IT becoming big? The answer is to have someone look after them for you, to stop these smaller problems developing into business degrading problems. We use a sophisticated remote management software that alerts us if a device has a problem. A few examples: low disk space, server offline, failed updates, broadband down, important service stopped running, unusually high network traffic – the list goes on.

Our systems help us resolve issues without disruption to your day to day activities, chances are we’ve fixed it before you’ve even realised. You would then get a ticket from us letting you know we’ve resolved your issue.

When you do hear from us

You’re busy running your business, so we send you a summary each month of what we’ve done for you. This includes the kind of alerts that we encountered to the tickets raised and the time it took to solve them. It’s a short, easy-to-read report that tells you what you need to know. Why waste time worrying about things when we’ve already sorted it out? Don’t forget you’ll hear from us when it’s time for your bi-annual IT audits, we’ll even pop down for a coffee.

Free IT audits for your business

We understand that your business is unique in the way it runs. That’s why we don’t provide a one size fits all package. We offer free IT audits that let you know how your systems are performing and how you could save money on your IT – just read our blog here for more information.

For more information, please give us a call on 0333 344 4645 or email us at

Please note: monthly summaries are not enabled by default, they’re free of charge if you would like one each month.

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