RoundWorks IT Turns 3!

By Luke Watts // 27th February 2020

RoundWorks IT Turns 3

That’s right; it’s our 3rd Birthday here at RoundWorks IT, and naturally, we are celebrating February with a slice or two of cake in hand.

The Summer diet can wait another month, right?

But, with all joking aside, we are beyond thrilled to be celebrating three years here at RoundWorks HQ. It seems like it was only yesterday when the team set up shop for the first time and boy what a journey it has been so far.

Since those infancy days, you could say things have been pretty busy here at headquarters.

With business growing tremendously year on year alongside our brilliant team, and onboarding more wonderful clients, we’ve been pretty occupied!

We want to take this opportunity to say a BIG thank you to all of our loyal customers for choosing us as your Managed IT Support Provider. Without your loyal support none of this would have been possible – so thank you, you’re amazing!

The Road Ahead

As we settle into the new decade, we are fondly leaving another great year behind and focusing on the exciting chapters 2020 has in store.

If you haven’t had a chance to catch up with us over a cuppa and a digestive, then worry not.

In our recent article Looking Back at 2019, we bring you up to date with all the good stuff!

We may only be a mere foothold into 2020, but we are pretty optimistic that this new year is already shaping up to be another great year.

The New Website

You may have noticed something a little different about us recently….

…that’s right, we kick-started the new year with a new website that was designed by the lovely team over at Eventure Internet. For us techies, we know that our clients don’t want to be bogged down by the technical jargon.

So we designed our new website with our clients’ needs in mind. Simple, straight-forward, and finally offering you the solution you’ve been looking for without needing a first-class degree in Information Technology!

Big thank you to the team for their great work – we love the new website!

The New Office

But the website isn’t the only thing new around here at RoundWorks.

At the start of the year, we officially moved into our new digs, and we are loving it!

This new move is not only a great working environment for the whole team to enjoy, but it will also allow further expansion to the wonderful RoundWorks team this year!

RoundWorks Office

A Warm Thank You From RoundWorks IT

RoundWorks IT has come on leaps and bounds since our earlier days, and we are incredibly humbled by our progress and success so far. Our mission has always been to offer our clients with an open-door, straight-up approach toward IT Support from day one.

Your wonderful feedback and continued loyalty matter to us, and we very proud to be able to offer you the service you deserve. So, once again, a BIG thank you to all of our clients for investing in us and making our continued growth possible!

RoundWorks IT

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