Getting Winfibre UK’s IT Systems Back In Shape

By Luke Watts // 11th August 2019

WINFibre Case Study

Whether it’s outdated systems that are subsequently tripping up daily operations or months of neglect putting your business in harm’s way, the team here have experienced it all.

When our client Winfibre first approached us, they were suffering from unresolved, historical issues that were holding back their daily operations.

…that was until they came to the RoundWorks team!

Meet Winfibre UK

▪ Offices: Nottingham, UK.
▪ Users: 26

Based in our neck of the woods, Winfibre are not only global leaders in sustainable recycling of corrugated cardboard, but they are also one of the worlds largest and most successful
cardboard recyclers. All of their raw supplies are delivered to recycling giants Lee and Man in China, who operate some of the largest and technologically advanced recycling machines in the world.

Winfibres Needs

When Winfibre’s representative Michelle, initially approached the RoundWorks team, she was already familiar with our work from our earlier years within the industry. Having supported her with her IT requirements previously, she was confident that our services were the change that their business needed.

We knew the founders of RoundWorks via another company and were very keen to be on board when we discovered they had set up alone.

Michelle brought to our attention the on-going issues that the team had been facing with their outdated IT systems and software and was keen to get their IT back in tip-top shape.

The RoundWorks IT Approach

At RoundWorks IT, we pride ourselves in being a little different from your ‘corporate giants’. Our personalised approach helps us outline your exact requirements while building that often overlooked relationship and rapport, that can make all the difference in an IT emergency!

With RoundWorks, your needs aren’t put in an unfamiliar service que; your dedicated account manager is always on hand to iron out any issues that may arise.

You feel as if you’re RoundWorks only customer. Service is quick, knowledgable, reliable and friendly as always.

Getting Winfibre UK’s IT Back In Shape

During our onboarding process, we always conduct a free IT audit for every new client. Audits are essentially a health check for your systems, software and even hardware. It allows the team to identify any issues, even the ones that users may not be currently aware of.

RoundWorks recommended products and services suitable to our businesses needs only, and they never push anything that isn’t required or of benefit to us. Which is why we are always happy to follow any of their recommendations.

Winfibre’s initial audit highlighted several areas of concern and once brought to Michelle’s attention; we got busy restoring their systems to their former glory.

Their Full IT Refresh Included:

  • Migrating all business IT services over to the new company name.
  • A complete overhaul of the internal IT infrastructure including; a full desktop replacement program, new physical servers for additional company growth, upgrading all workstations from Office 2010 to Office 365 via a subscription model.
  • Supplied and configured a secondary broadband circuit for redundancy purposes, ensuring there’s no downtime if the primary broadband circuit was to develop a fault.
  • Upgraded primary broadband circuit with additional bandwidth to aid with company growth.
  • Overhauled backup and disaster recovery solution.

What Winfibre Had To Say About RoundWorks IT

As touched upon earlier, the RoundWorks approach is a little different from your ‘typical’ IT company, and we don’t believe in all that ‘hard-sales pater’, which is why we simply let our customer’s feedback do the talking.

Here’s what Michelle had to say about us:

10/10. Nothing is too much trouble. The RoundWorks team go above and beyond always with a smile on their faces. RoundWorks come highly recommended. Quality of advice received is always outstanding and extremely thorough. I cannot praise them enough for the work they do for us at very reasonable prices.

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